Robert Mark Kamen


Growing up in a city housing project in the Bronx and earning a Ph.D in American Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Robert believes everything happens for a reason, and yet nothing in his life was ever planned. His screenwriting career started quickly with the unexpected sale of his first screenplay in 1979. While visiting friends in Sonoma to celebrate this success, he happened upon the 280 acre property. After falling in love with the view, he purchased what is now his vineyard estate and the muse for his bottled screenplay – Kamen Estate Wines.

Robert has enjoyed an uninterrupted film career with over twenty of his screenplays becoming major motion pictures, among them: Taps, The Karate Kid series, The Fifth Element, The Professional, Unleashed, Colombiana, the Transporter series, A Walk in the Clouds, the Taken series and Angel Has Fallen.  Robert lives full-time on the vineyard with his wife Evonne, where visitors often find him writing at his desk and worrying about the weather.